Patient Data Housing, Reporting and Analytics

With more than three decades of expertise in database services, PTM’s products and programs include patient data housing, reporting and analytics. As the need for metrics and ROI has increased, PTM’s IT and database capabilities continue to meet each challenge.


As an industry service provider that follows all federal privacy regulations and as a third party to pharma companies, PTM is permitted to house patient data on behalf of clients, when the proper patient consent is obtained.

This ability to house data as a third party is ideal for brands that aim to communicate with patients at various stages of a patient support program. Rights are obtained at the early stages of programs, ensuring access to patients for surveys, new services and information updates.


PTM reports are available both online and as monthly cumulative reports. Reports are customized to meet program requirements and client marketing needs. PTM’s relational database allows for reports to reflect demographic profiles or other criteria (e.g. age, gender, urban-rural, office visit profiles, office types, part time, locum, educator, etc.)

All PTM programs include valuable and timely reporting to meet diverse client needs.


Using PTM’s relational database, critical analytics are available on an extensive range of criteria that allow the most relevant information to be extracted from large sets of data.

Depending on client/project needs, data can be mined for:

  • Segmentation / profiling to fuel strategy
  • Program tracking for fine tuning and optimization
  • Results analysis for valuable insights

At each stage of a program, PTM analytics will ensure clients continue to make marketing and operational decisions that enhance brand performance and optimize ROI.

PTM reports allow you to track program results, fine tune strategies and gain insights from valuable responder data.

Patient Data Housing