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The Starter Rx program crystallizes the advantages of a PTM One Source approach, utilizing diverse multichannel services to deliver cost-effective, flexible, patient initiation and HCP support programs.

Each Starter Rx program provides comprehensive support at the point of script initiation and, depending on the design of the program, can continue the patient/HCP engagement well beyond the first script.

Programs are developed and customized with access to the following in-house products and services:

Audience Selection: Targeting/consultation, list hygiene
Communications: Multichannel communications via email, fax, mail
Kit Production
& Fulfillment:
HCP/Patient kit fabrication, assembly & distribution; Handling, packaging, distribution of medical devices, patient materials and Rx samples
Digital Applications: Konnect Keys, VideoNow Devices, eLinks
Patient Support: PreScript patient access/reimbursement
Patient Reminder services
Statline call centre support
Ongoing case management
Online Reporting & Analytics: Standard and customized reporting for various demographic criteria

This One Source capability ensures efficient distribution of client products or materials including Rx samples, patient support materials, rep materials or consumer products.

At each stage of a program, PTM analytics ensure clients continue to make marketing and operational decisions that enhance brand performance and optimize ROI.