Maximum Brand Exposure and Program Flexibility
– Online & Print

PTM’s Sample Express program is a flexible and cost effective distribution program, promoted via a unique sample ordering system for both digital and direct initiatives. Healthcare professionals view a brand each time they order whether through fax, web or mobile. No unbranded ‘bingo card’ order forms are utilized at any point.


Product ads are displayed on each order form, guaranteeing multiple brand ad exposures each time an HCP reviews/selects a product.


PTM works with clients to select the right target audiences, supplementing or optimizing brand lists with a gold standard HCP database. The customized product selection form (print and online) is then delivered to each HCP via email, web or fax. This highly targeted approach eliminates sample wastage and optimizes sampling initiatives. Custom target audiences include:

  • Key customers
  • PTM ‘Best Cut’ physicians – the highest prescribers, seeing the most patients
  • ‘No see’ or ‘difficult to see’ physicians
  • Vacant sales territories

The Sample Express Online listing includes five complimentary links to client offers for rep visits, patient materials, clinical papers, CME or website access.


Sample Express programs require no long term contracts, no listing fees and payment is only for fulfillments. Clients have complete control over program quantities and program duration. Entry and exit into the program can be implemented with one month’s notice. Offerings may be rotated monthly and can include co-pay cards, patient support materials and other products/services.


Daily online reports are available detailing cumulative and monthly responder counts; an additional monthly report provides further analytics, utilizing demographics from PTM’s HCP database, including rep territory, MD demographics and practice profiles.

All programs are managed from the PTM’s Health Canada licensed facility, utilizing the best of OneSource services, including print, lettershop and fulfillment capabilities.

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