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The Statline call centre provides direct phone support for diverse communication programs to healthcare professionals, patients and brands. Whether client needs are promotional, educational or operational there is a Statline service that provides the necessary call support.

Statline is a full service call centre offering the following features:

  • Multilingual services
  • Inbound and outbound programs
  • Trained customer service professionals including, MDs, RNs, PharmDs, etc.
  • Compliance with adverse reaction reporting guidelines


An integral part of any program is providing the right information, at the right time. Examples of HCP applications include an information help line to facilitate program implementation or a reminder call before a CME event. A patient application may be a follow-up call at treatment initiation or a series of counseling calls, as part of RN led case management. For a corporate head office, an important communication could be a call to a pharmacy to ensure proper stocking of a newly launched product.

The Statline call centre has helped each client meet communication gaps and enhance their brand’s performance.

Services HCP Patient Corporate
1 - 800 Helpline * * *
Program Registration   * *
Market Research * * *
Web Support * * *
CME Event Management *    
RN Case Management/Counseling   *  
Teledetailing *   *
Pharmacy Stocking *    

Whether your brand is developing a comprehensive patient support program or needs an additional communication channel, Statline delivers a professional and flexible service.