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PreScript is an effective patient support service that can be integrated into a range of multichannel programs and initiatives, including:

  • Adherence /Rx abandonment
  • Mature/Non-promoted/LOE brand coverage
  • Co-pay
  • Patient assistance
  • Pharmacist counselling services
  • Sampling
  • Clinical trials

Each program is customized to meet a brand’s unique business objectives.


A PreScript card is a form of patient currency with pharmacists. Each card has a set value and is delivered in a physical or digital format. The reimbursement and creative format options are extensive to ensure specific strategic and communication objectives are met for each unique brand. When a brand is ready to launch a PreScript program, our team of consultants works with clients to optimize each initiative.

Reimbursement Options /
PreScript Card Value
% discount
$ discount
Brand/generic price difference (co-pay)
Pharmacy counselling
Other considerations include:
  • Single or multi-use cards
  • Payer sequence
Creative Formats
Card – paper/plastic/sticker
eVoucher – for HCPs or patients
Other creative designs

Each program includes the following complementary services:

  • Presript Card1-800 phone support for HCPs
  • Pharmacy notification at program launch
  • Adverse event reporting

In addition, clients can request supplementary communications to follow-up with slow responders.


PreScript is backed by the expert adjudication of Telus, Canada’s largest adjudicator with 99.9% coverage of pharmacies and a leading team of forensic auditors. This ensures comprehensive and accurate reimbursement, as well as reporting on uptake and program results.

Real time reporting and analytics on program results are provided, as well as monthly reports that provide valuable insights and tracking into physician and patient uptake.


Since PreScript is just one of PTM’s One Source Solutions, the team makes sure each project is seamlessly and efficiently integrated with other valuable services. For example:

  • HCP Database Services: assist with accurate, targeted audience selection and HCP validation
  • Multichannel Communications: support program promotion, sales/rep support
  • Print/Lettershop/Fulfillment execute card/patient kit production, distribution, Rx handling

Each PreScript program can be combined with various brand promotions, patient support and educational initiatives, to extend your HCP and patient engagement, well beyond the first script.