Multichannel Communications

Email, Fax, Mail and Call Centre

Targeting the right audience can be both quick and easy with multichannel services that utilize PTM’s gold standard HCP database.


  • Canada’s largest CASL compliant directory of HCP emails
  • Recommended faxing when optimal
  • Guaranteed mail delivery at 100%. Undeliverable postage is refunded.
  • Statline call centre services when programs require follow-up or contact by phone

The PTM Account Service team delivers valuable recommendations to optimize each communication channel.

The Triple Play service ensures maximum reach utilizing an optimal mix of channels for cost effective and timely message delivery. Broadcast channels include email, fax and mail, ensuring the entire target audience is reached.

  • Email broadcasts are executed within hours of client approval
  • “Bounce backs” and unknown email addresses are re-sent by fax
  • Direct mail is generated when emails and faxes are not confirmed

Triple Play is one of PTM’s most requested services.

Formulary Update Sample PageBranded HCP Communications

For almost three decades PTM’s StatComm proprietary mastheads have been the most recognized in the industry, adding credibility and value to important communications.

Each custom logo allows HCPs to quickly assess the nature of the communication and decide whether to post it on a board, add it to a file or simply take note.

For more information on StatComm please click here.

Statmail Logos

All StatComm communications can be delivered by email, fax or mail.

Multichannel Appointment Setter

Appointment Button ImagePTM’s communication specialists schedule quality HCP/professional appointments using an optimal mix of phone, email and fax services.

The Appointment Setter service includes:

  • Development of custom scripts
  • Distribution of relevant information
  • Reporting and analytics

When your sales team needs to focus on other priorities, PTM’s multichannel Appointment Setter provides professional support.