RN Case Management

The offer of personal support by an RN may be a decisive factor in keeping patients motivated.

The patient counseling division of the Statline call centre consists of specially trained RNs who handle active case management when a high level of patient support and contact continuity is required.

Each program is developed in collaboration with the client, to meet both brand and regulatory objectives.

This specialized service provides:

  • Access to a team of RNs for inbound and outbound calls
  • Multilingual services
  • Customized training and program development
  • Compliance with adverse reaction reporting guidelines

If you’re considering ways to deepen engagement with patients, please contact us to find out more.

Insurance Navigation

Insurance Navigation is available via PTM’s network of Reimbursement Specialists. This team works with private and public payers to establish expert reimbursement counseling and financial assistance for patients in need. The service includes:

  • financial assistance and compassionate release programs to facilitate access to therapy
  • communication facilitation with appropriate payers, in order to minimize potential delays in therapy
  • a case management model to navigate patients through exception processes

PTM’s team of RNs and insurance professionals provide patient support with the ideal combination of medical knowledge, specialized industry experience and interpersonal communication skills.