Insights and Analytics

PTM One Source Solutions offer a selection of services for connecting with customers and securing key insights and analytics, at any stage of the lifecycle.

Each insight focused service e.g. Product Pulse, 1st Impressions and MR Recruitment, is backed by PTM’s analytics team. Leveraging PTM’s gold standard HCP database, reporting and analytics can be customized by segment according to demographics, practice type, location, and even income by geographic areas. This optimization of data usage, not only fuels strategic business decisions but also leads to better ROI and cost effective programs.

Product Pulse questionnaires enable brands to uncover key factors influencing product performance, including prescribing patterns, decision-making criteria, patient engagement and generic substitution.

Concise questionnaires are distributed to target audiences using PTM’s gold standard HCP database and TriplePlay communications (email/fax/mail).


  • Simple, cost-effective and quick to implement
  • Includes target audience recruitment
  • Can be scheduled on a regular basis or as needed
  • Assistance is offered with questionnaire development
  • Complete files of raw data results are provided

Product Pulse delivers timely product and category insights for critical business decisions that enhance brand performance.

1st Impressions lets HCPs provide immediate feedback on new clinical data and view the aggregate results within the same day. This timely input can be collected at medical conferences or other clinical data meetings and shared later during dinner meetings, webinars or as part of an email communication.

Mobile survey technology is used to:

  1. Capture HCP perceptions of practice and opinions related to the treatment and management of disease/condition prior to a presentation of clinical data.
  2. Capture HCP reactions directly after a presentation, and gain insights on how their approach to practice may change as a result of the data presented.
  3. Instantaneously provide feedback of the aggregate responses, online, to brand team representatives for review with the participating HCPs (Excel/PDF/PPT).

1st Impressions delivers timely insights and data impact by collecting feedback at a critical time and immediately sharing the aggregate data with participants.

With access to the entire audience of active HCPs in Canada, MR Recruitment provides rapid market research recruitment and eliminates the bias inherent in a limited panel. Market research initiatives can include needs assessments, product surveys, HCP profiling, amongst others.

Each communication, in any channel, is powered by the most current and robust data:


  • Records are continuously updated by 20 data professionals, under the direction of a physician and staff librarian
  • Guaranteed accuracy – 100% deliverable or postage rebated for mail; only delivered communications billed for fax and email


  • Over 470,000 healthcare professionals listed
  • Extensive email coverage for each category


  • Audiences are segmented by MAP® - Medicine Actively Practiced. Each healthcare professional is classified according to their full-time practice specialty, rather than designation or credentials
  • List categories for medical doctors include 185 practice specialties, 86 therapeutic categories and 10 location options. Other healthcare professionals are also segmented into relevant categories.

For more information please refer to our Demographic Report. It includes listings for all HCP categories as well as associations and institutions.

When you need to ask important questions, MR Recruitment delivers access to your target audience.