The PTM Sampling Advantage


PTM’s One Source Sample Distribution Centre has been distributing Rx samples, medical devices and patient materials for more than 30 years as part of specialized sampling programs and more complex, integrated multichannel initiatives.

The Sample Distribution Centre is strategically located in Markham, a suburb of Toronto, which reduces national transportation costs by 7% and improves delivery time. The centre is contained within PTM-owned premises, with no third parties involved. All projects are managed and executed on site by PTM personnel, ensuring seamless integration of multichannel programs.


PTM holds the following Health Canada licenses:

  • Drug Establishment License
  • Medical Device License

In addition, PTM’s facility and operations, including SOP’s are inspected annually by multiple pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods companies.

PTM follows current GMPs with all necessary SOPs for:

  • Receiving / shipping
  • Handling and storage
  • Inventory control - PAAB, lot #, expiry date, etc.
  • Shipment tracking
  • Temperature monitoring - in house and shipments
  • Recall procedures

PTM has demonstrated superior quality control processes and procedures, helping guide our clients through the legal and regulatory landscape.


PTM’s HCP database is the Canadian gold standard for the healthcare industry, delivering guaranteed accuracy and the deepest segmentation. This provides the foundation for HCP validation.

All orders are matched to the PTM database against various criteria including designation (MS, DDS, PharmD, etc.) address and practice profile. This validation process ensures that all orders are from a licensed HCP, with an accurate address, and a correct practice profile. Orders are shipped to the HCPs business address unless otherwise indicated.


PTM’s sampling programs allow for ordering from multiple channels including:

  • Business reply card (BRC)
  • Fax back requests from reps or MDs
  • Online requests with user ID / password
  • Email ordering with electronic signature capture
  • Call centre requests (signature on file)
  • Client files (sales sample request database)
  • iPad app orders

The Automated Inventory Control System, developed via Oracle relational software, incorporates the following elements:

  • Lot controls ( all lot #s to each doctor are recorded)
  • DIN #s
  • Expiry dates
  • Reordering alerts
  • Inventory reconciliation

Reporting is delivered in realtime and can be customized according to client needs. In addition to standard field reporting i.e. by date, territory, etc., advanced analytics can provide reports that reflect PTM’s demographic segments including age, gender, urban-rural, office visit profiles, office types, part time, locum, educator, etc.


PTM’s data is stored on servers in a secure, fire and power protected co-location site. All data from the co-location site is further backed up to the head office in Markham. The head office location acts as the disaster recovery site should there be a loss of any of the servers or data at the co-location site.

PTM’s voice/call centre has a four hour response time for activation of a new phone system.

A specialized team of IT professionals ensures that all electronic and technical aspects of the sampling process continue without any disruptions to operations.

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